End Point Assessment

What is end point assessment?

The employer and training provider decide together when the employee is ready to be assessed. This will be at the end of the training programme and so the name, end point assessment.

This end point assessment is carried out by an independent assessment organisation registered with the Education and Skills Funding Agency as an End Point Assessment Organisation.

The End Point Assessment Organisation has to prove the occupational competence of their assessors, in their subjects, and provide evidence to support the ongoing currency of that competence.

The apprentice can pass as well as fail or gain a distinction in the new Trailblazer qualifications. It is the job of the End Point Assessment Organisation to ensure that everything is carried out fairly, objectively and with transparency.

Our Subjects:



Level 6 - Chartered Manager Degree

Level 5 - Operations/Departmental Manager

Level 3 - Team Leader/Supervisor

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About Us


All of our assessors are business owners, working in a variety of industry sectors and have years of relevant experience in the field of assessment.

We are proud to use Ace360 as our Apprenticeship Assessment Management tool.

meet the lead assessors

Penny Whitelock


Business Consultant, Business Owner and End Point Assessor

Tom Unsworth


Airline Captain, Business Owner and End Point Assessor

Tom Davis


Teacher, Business Owner and End Point Assessor

The end point Assessment

How does Assessments UK assess your apprentice and why is it different?

Employers have set out the standards, which they want to see apprentices achieving. They have also set out how they will be assessed and this information can be found in the end point assessment plans.

For some qualifications this is very prescriptive but for others the End Point Assessment Organisations have been given the opportunity to devise their own methods of apprenticeship assessment.

We approach assessments in a holistic way. What is important is that the candidate can do the job. To do this, we will meet with you for a complimentary pre-assessment discussion and learn about what makes your business work. Knowing what makes your organisation special means we can assess your people in that context.

To support the employers and training providers who choose to work with our company, we will provide mock sample questions and sample documents for what distinction looks like. This should help you to work with the candidates to become the best that they can be.

To reduce EPA cost, we utilise digital means to carry out the end point assessment remotely. However, if preferred, the assessment can be performed on-site. We use a digital first approach and will discuss with you well in advance the tools we prefer to use.