Brand New, Brand you



Individual coaching is a tailored process, one size really does not fit all.

Coaching works on goal identification and how to achieve those goals.

Many people engage a coach when they are at a key transition point in their lives, typical examples include:

  • Moving up the ladder
  • Unwanted change of career - redundancy, forced retirement, arrival of a new boss
  • Returning to work after a career break
  • Managing upwards
  • Career development - failing interviews, missing out on promotion
  • Succession - developing the leaders of tomorrow



We  are going to make it clear from the outset, team coaching is best  managed by an external coach. Of course we would say that - we do it for  a living. Read on, and decide for yourself...

The  responsibility for high performance in teams lies with each person  knowing what needs to be achieved and making a personal commitment to  being accountable for their actions. There is often a range of issues  getting in the way: hidden agendas, mistrust, rivalry, not feeling safe,  lack of fairness. 

One  thing that the coach can be sure of is that there are hidden barriers.  If there were none, then the task would probably already have been  completed. The coach must get the issues on the table if the team are  going to become the high performing unit that is essential to the  company. 

If the manager is part of the problem, then they will struggle to coach the team to move from tolerating to triumphant.

Career & Life Coaching

Are you unsure if you're ready for promotion? Intimidated by your boss or peers? Seeking help to achieve a major change in your life?

Our Executive Lead Coach, Penny Whitelock FinstLM, has developed a study-at-home course, which will lead you through a structured series of exercises. Over 5 parts, you will know yourself in a way you could never have believed was possible.